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Since its inception, FACT has worked in primary schools taking Collective Acts of Worship (Assemblies).

Over the years the number of schools has grown, so that today over 30 schools have contact with us, including Short Stay Schools, Hospital Education Centres and Special Needs Schools.

We have researched, developed and pioneered the concept of ‘RE Days’ which have proved to be extremely popular with both children and staff as they are cross-curricular and multi-media.

We offer Inset training for teachers, covering many areas that impact the life of a school far beyond the realm of RE.

FACT is non-denominational with a long history of working with all main line Christian churches.

Following our pioneering partnering scheme with churches we are now spearheading work amongst the generation known as the ‘Mosaics’ or `Generation Z’.

In an age when parents are doing their best but are being told by everyone that they are failing, FACT offers simple assistance through its courses.

Specially created parenting programmes offer support and help to parents in their primary role.

Work with Foundation stage and younger children is also a part of the ministry of FACT.

Pre-school settings including Parent & Toddler groups, nurseries and playgroups are all visited to aid and nurture spiritual development and exploration.

New resources are being created and will be launched in the New Year

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