Cancellation Policy


FACT is a UK charity that helps children explore the Christian faith in schools, churches and the community. As such FACT enters into commitments with these bodies to undertake events such as Assemblies, RE days and the like. Some of these are contractual obligations as an offer is made with acceptance and consideration (money) changes hands.

This policy document details the conditions and obligations that may arise when either party serve notice to cancel an event

All cancellations made at the request of FACT will entitle the other party to a refund or an alternative date can be re-scheduled for the event The refund will be for the amount paid for the cancelled event; if this was part of a wider package of events then a proportionate amount will be refunded.

All cancellations made at the request of the other party:

  • with 3 months notice or greater before the event date will be entitled to a refund or rescheduling;
  • with less than 3 months notice before the event date, are not entitled to any refund. Every effort will be made to reschedule that date within the same academic year, but where this is not possible; the day will unfortunately be considered forfeit
  • We reserve the right to consider individual situations and circumstances without prejudice or precedent

This policy will be available via our website and a simple summary will be printed on all applicable literature that outlines the pricing for events being offered. The summary will state that “A refund will be available where three months notice is given before an event’.

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